Education of the Tibetan refugee children was the immediate priorities of His Holiness the Dalai Lama once he came in exile. He felt strongly that only a successful education system would maintain Tibetan identity and culture. 

More than 60 percent of refugees are children and youth who flee Tibet in search of a better education and economic opportunity. Most arrive with very limited academic skills or formal training in Tibetan language and culture. Due to the steady influx of new refugees, Tibetan exile schools are overcrowded and their resources stretched to the limit. 

Through the European Commission and other NGO's assistance grant, The Tibet House Trust has helped establish a special school for new arrivals and Sponsorship Program, support basic education, vocational training, school text book, food, clothing and medical care at schools for newly arrived refugee children and scores of other schools throughout the exile community. 

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Educational Development Programme

The Tibet House Trust has worked with the Department of Education and other Departments of the CTA, Dharamsala since it was established in 1994 and has fund raised and collaborated on a number of projects including the Development of the Tibetan Transit School providing education for newly arrived Tibetan refugees and the Development of a Vocational Training School in Kathmandu and Educational Development Programme to improves the quality and relevance of education provided to Tibetan children and to support the most disadvantaged boys and girls in the community to complete their education.

The Tibet House Trust is seeking support to providing quality education to the needy Tibetan children, many of who have come all the way from Tibet risking even their lives while crossing Himalayan mountain passes.

Sponsorship & Scolarship

Sponsors are a very valuable part of the education programme for the Tibetan community in exile and their support provide opportunities for many students. Tibet House Trust administers sponsorship schemes for school children, monks, nuns, young artist and the elderly in India through the Departments of Education, Health, Religion & Culture.

Tibet House Trust has also helped secure University scholarship and to study International Baccalaureate course in UK and other Countries.

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