Established in 1981, the Department of Health (DoH) is one such department with the mandate to look after the health care needs of the Tibetans in exile. With “Health for All” policy, the Department aims to create and expand public health program in the community for disease prevention, promote healthier lifestyles and a cleaner environment by striving to provide adequate, equitable and holistic primary health care services. The Department has been organizing and maintaining health care programs as well as health education campaigns through its hospitals, clinics and PHCs. Currently, the Department of Health is working towards the integrating traditional Tibetan and modern allopathic Health Care system in order to provide both secondary and tertiary health care coverage for all, as a preventive priority over the curatives driven activities. Apart from the Tibetans, it also provides basic health care to the local Indian residents of the area. 

The Tibet House Trust, with the help of individuals and NGO donors, supports urgently needed programs of Department of Health such as Water and Sanitation projects, Clinic expenses, TB and HIV/AIDS Control and Prevention, Maternal and Child Health and Immunization, hospitalizations, public health education, training and nutritional food programs in Tibetan schools.

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Disabled and Special Needs Project

With the seed money being donated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Department initiated a special unit called Ngoenga School for Tibetan Children with Special Needs located in Dehradun for treatment and rehabilitation of Tibetan children with special needs, on 8th March 2000. At present there are 50 students with 30 teaching and non-teaching staff headed by a Director. The aim of the project is to provide equal opportunity to learn, to grow and to build a suitable life for them. 

For the special needs people staying back in settlements, they have introduced Rehabilitation Committees program to take care of them. They are also assisting prosthetic medical allowances to Tibetans whose hands and feet have been deformed by frostbite while crossing the Tibet-Nepal border.

The school is under the administration of Department of Health which does not have a stable source of funds to meet the expenses of the school. The Department of Health is, therefore, compelled to solicit sponsorships for the support of the students in the coming years.

Emergency Medical Relief Program

One of the key programs being undertaken by the Department of Health, CTA, is emergency medical relief and treatment in referral hospitals in various parts of the country. Our hospital services are limited to primary health care facility as we cannot provide advanced medical facilities in our settlement hospitals due to lack of qualified and duly skilled staff and also because of financial constraints. We have been supporting patients for advanced treatment in other hospitals that cover major surgeries and other allied health services, which are currently not available in our settlement hospitals.

We need to look after the health of the poorest of the poor category and bear cent percent of their medical cost including medical services, surgery and other operational cost. As for the remaining category of patients, the percentage of DoH medical relief assistance is based primarily on the scrutiny and recommendation of the settlement heads, camp leaders and the DoH hospital Executive Secretaries of various settlements.

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