Cultural & Religious Preservation

Tibet has a distinct and rich language and culture and one of our aims to preserve it. We do this by supporting the CTA, Department of Religion and Culture, who has the responsibility of supervising works aimed at reviving, preserving, and promotion of Tibetan religious and cultural heritages that is being led to the verge of extinction in its own origin place Tibet. These include dance and theatre troupes such as the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, publishing and printing projects. Through its sponsorship program, Tibet House Trust provides ongoing support for many Tibetan monks and nuns in the monasteries and nunneries that have been rebuilt in exile.

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In most cases, one hundred percent (100%) of the funds you send to The Tibet House Trust for support goes directly to the earmarked program. To help us continue this work, make a General Donation at whatever level you wish. Thank You!

Preserving Tibetan Buddhist & Language

Whether they are growing up in abroad or remain behind in Tibet, Tibetan children are at great risk of not being able to speak and read Tibetan. As language is one of the most important aspects of identity, Tibet House Trust has been running and providing Saturday Tibetan Language lessons for Tibetan children in the UK. 

The Tibet House Trust also organised a Buddhist lesson for Tibetans in UK to understand the reasoning and historical background to some of our faiths and religious customs. The Venerable Geshe Tashi la, the resident teacher of Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London will kindly teach it in Tibetan. 

You can sponsor a monk/nun & child by donating £13 per month or £156 per year. You will receive a case history and photograph of the child and, if you wish, regular correspondence from the child you support as well as progress reports from the school.

Preserving Tibetan Culture

His Holiness says, "Today, we are going through a critical period in time. We are a nation with an ancient culture, which is now facing the threat of extinction. We need your help, the international community’s help, to protect our culture. Our culture is one of the heritages of the world. Protecting an ancient culture like this is the responsibility not only of the concerned nation, but also of the world community as a whole."

Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts faces many challenges in maintaining our various programs and facilities. Without support from friends near and far, they would be unable to keep such high standards of performance and artistic integrity. Fund are urgently needed for following key projects for preserving and promotion of our ancient culture Museum Renovation, Shoton 2011 Project, Digital Archiving Project Sound Equipment.

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