Emergency Relief

Tibetan refugees were rehabilitated by establishing around 56 Tibetan settlements in India, Nepal and Bhutan. These settlements are mostly located in remote and far away from the reach of outer world. The primary livelihood of most of these settlers depend purely on agriculture and sweater selling business in the roadside of Indian cities during winter season becomes the secondary income for survival since last more than 3 decades. The success and good productivity of agriculture depend purely on the rainfall and favourable climatic condition in the areas. Agriculture farming mainly focuses for self-consumption and cash crop. But due to unfavourable condition of whether during cultivation, Tibetan farmers were hit by drought and the failure of their crops causes heavy damage to the fields and lost of year long labour and investment cost, leaving them indebted.

On the other hand, Tibetan refugees are taking cash loans from Indian banks, goods on credit from manufacturer, and other commercial sources on high interest rate to do sweater selling business at the roadside of Indian cities and towns. This short term business is the only way to earn little profit to compensate their deficit budget of the family in a year and creating job opportunity to unemployed youth. But unfortunately sometimes damages caused by natural calamities like fire accidents, theft and lost of goods on transportation etc. which face tremendous hardship to reconstruct the lost business of huge capital invested. 

The Tibet House Trust, with help from individual and NGO's donor, supports urgently needed programs of Department of Home such as victims of drought, flood and fire accidents, theft etc. We now set up an Emergency Relief Fund to act quickly and effectively to bring relief and support when urgently needed. 

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