Five-days virtual training on data visualisation and infographics

On Monday, 23rd November 2020, Representative Sonam Tsering Frasi, the chairman of the Tibet House Trust (THT), inaugurated the training by extending a warm welcome to the two trainers and 32 trainees. Twenty-one female and eleven male trainees, representing project partners and stakeholders from UK, India, Nepal and Switzerland working on human rights issues, attended the virtual training organised by Tibet House Trust, London from 23rd of November to 1st of December, 2020.

Adam Frost and Tobias Sturt of AddTwo Digital UK, a specialist data visualisation agency, are leading the training sessions. Grants Officer, Lochoe Samten introduced the session by stating that the objective of this training is to help the project staffs who manage data as part of their work to transform their quantitative data into SMART qualitative narratives.

The training, which is part of THT’s wider capacity building initiatives to enhance information management and communication skills of its project staff, will specifically impart a clear understanding of the processes of data visualisation and information design – Data, Story, Charting and Design, ­recommended best practice in the presentation of complex data, an appreciation of the central tenets of user-centred design and how its principles can be applied to the creation of tables and charts, a suite of data viz assets – both static and interactive – that are of publication quality, an understanding of the tools and software training that delegates would need to undertake to take their data viz skills to the next level.

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