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Following the occupation of Tibet by China in 1959 tens of thousands of Tibetan Refugees entered into and remained in Nepal. The Snow Lion Foundation (SLF) is a non-governmental non-profit Social Welfare Organization was founded in 1972 by the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation-Nepal) to develop and oversee Education, Health Care and the Social Welfare activities of the Tibetans living in the Tibetan settlements in Nepal. SLF’s primary goal is the preservation of traditional Tibetan culture, language and religion, and to enable the refugees to become self-reliant and able to lead a happy and admirable life in this competitive world.  

There are 12 schools that serve a total of 2510 Tibetan and local children from the Himalayan region. SLF also assists an Elderly Home of 25 older people and two Primary Health Care clinics.  The Foundation is governed by a seven-member Executive Committee. To meet the needs of the Tibetans, SLF continues to rely on sponsorship money from international organizations and community support.

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